I am a visual content creator based in the south of Germany.

Creating stunning photos and videos has always fascinated me and it soon turned into a passion. Following that passion for many years with lots of hard work, I finally started my own business in 2021. Since then I’ve been working for many private clients as well as local companies.

Creating all sorts of different projects taught me one thing:


Making the viewer feel something and bringing up emotions is what makes good content successful. This is where I put my focus on.
My goal is to create unique visuals for international brands and projects all around the world. Turning their vision into reality and making an impact with my work.

I enjoy being in the mountains as well as exploring the underwater world. Generally I just love nature and outdoor activities.


Air / Earth / Underwater
No matter what you need, I have the equipment to produce content from every angle possible.


My focus is to keep it real. Today it’s all about being authentic and sharing real life experiences with your audience.


Following my passion, I put 100% into every project to make your vision reality.


Growing up with social media I know that different platforms require specific needs in terms of screen size, content, audience, etc.

Videos are one of the most powerful tools nowadays and are part of our daily communication. Done right, a single video can have a huge impact on people or even the whole world. But how can you achieve that?
Basically there are three important aspects…


The key to success is doing what you love. If you don’t “have to” but you “want to”. This will guarantee 100% of your personal engagement and therefore will cause the best results.


It’s called eMOTION for a reason. When you have strong feelings about something you are ready to take action.
So the goal is to always make the viewer feel something.


“What you see depends not only on what you look at, but also, on where you look from.”
Different perspectives give you the opportunity to get deeper into the story you want to tell and help to transfer special emotions.

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